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Music Video Vixen Does Her First Porn


Jersey Friends First Threesome


Pebbles Sucks Dick In in Building Staircase


Amateur Has Tryout In NYC Hotel


Storm Will Be LIVE Sunday 12am


Trini Amateur Monie Love


Jazzy Comes Back After 2 Years

Both Her Full Videos Available In The VIP Section. DOWNLOAD THIS CLICK HERE

Big Booty Amateur In DR


Amateur With Perfect booty

This girl just has one of the best looking booties I have seen in a long time. She is from the Dominican Republic and believe me when I tell you, getting her to do a scene was like pulling teeth. She hates the camera cus she knows it can get her in trouble. So I …Read more »

Sucking Dick In Public Bathroom

We were in Port Authority NYC When this happened. This new model I had just finished Interviewing Really was excited to prove herself and happy to have joined. She is Jamaican with an ASS like WO. An all ot freak! s I decide to have her and my male talent take the camera into the …Read more »

Brute Force RE-LOADED

So many damn requests, Well here it is. The untold story the famous Brute Force DVD Spotlight Scene with Fierce and Lucifer. A Lot of people believe they have seen the whole video, But I assure you there is about 30 to 40 Minutes to this video never released. I Originally was planning on putting …Read more »

Lolly Pop On The Dick Adds Flavor

I Found Delva in The Dominican Republic on the hoe strip waiting fr a tourist to pick her up. I asked her if she would be interested in doing a video and she almost dropped kicked me. But after my male talent talked to her on some personal level for like 3 days, she was …Read more »

This Girl Beyond AMAZING At Sucking Dick

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LALA Becomes Lady STORM

This is her first shoot she ever did. She had just turned 18 and she wanted to celebrate her birthday by having a gang bang type of scene. I Called her LALA When she first started, but before the scene was over everyone was shouting STORM! After seeing her squirt non stop. She was down …Read more »

Thick Amateur Fucked In Hotel

This Girl would not take no for an answer, I really wasn’t interested in her and kept telling Her I wasn’t interested. She for some reason wanted to be down with my production bad and offered to do a free scene just for me to see her skills. Well I might be stupid but I …Read more »

Amateur Fucked So Hard Left In Tears

I Found Her on back page while putting up an ad for business. OK Let me stop lying….I WAS HOE SEARCHING DAMMIT!. Well guess who I run into but this undiscovered talent waiting for me to scoop her up. As soon as she came to my studio, she already knew something was up when she …Read more »

Latina Gets Call From Boyfriend While Getting Fucked

I Found this Latina on the chatline. My Male talent who was chilling in the studio decided to hit up the chatline to pass some time and sure enough he ends up talking to this chick from the Bronx. We invited her over to smoke and chill and before you know it,  she was in …Read more »

Amateur ICEY Destroys Male Talent

Icey came to me after she answered an Ad on Facebook. She was interested in doing some modeling, but of course she didn’t seem to realize the modeling she was about to do would end up with her butt naked sucking on some dick. She was cool though and seemed excited to be trying something …Read more »

Lady Bug And Joey

I Enjoyed These Two Amateurs, Lady Bug Had The Greatest personality and Joey fed off Lady Bug. They both were straight up freaks. When they came to my studio it was only Lady Bug who was interested in doing a shoot, but I pulled her to the side and told her Joey had a sick …Read more »

Ebony Screams Then Calls Time Out

She Go By the name of Kiss, Don’t ask me why lol…..But this skinny ebony can’t take dick for shit! Make sure you turn down your volumes cus she loud as fuck. She says she has a boyfriend But I guess he aint doing his job cus she sucking and fucking her way to stardom. …Read more »

Bronx Amateur Tina Exposed

I will be putting up the full scene very soon. Tina came to me from the Bronx and unlike mos models who come into my studio shy, Tina seemed eager to show off her skills. It is her first amateur video and I only have 3 more scenes with her before she left me. Be …Read more »

NYC Amateurs Brandy And Nani

NYC Amateurs Brandy And Nani. Brandy wanted to only do modeling at first but again I was able to work my magic so y’all can see her in action. She really is a good fuck, creamed like crazy and knew how to suck some dick. She only did one scene and  a 10 Minute blowjob …Read more »

Mistress Does Her First Amateur Video

Mistress Does Her First Amateur Video. When she first came into my studio I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. When I tell you she was brand new to the game I mean she couldn’t get any fresher. To this day Mistress is still one of my favorites. She did about 6 scenes with me …Read more »

Amateur Has Fun While Cold Calling

Amateur Has Fun While Cold Calling!. DOWNLOAD THIS BY CLICKING HERE

Amateur Creams All Over His Dick

Amateur Creams All Over His Dick. DOWNLOAD THIS BY CLICKING HERE