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Tap Out Girls: BBC Destruction

The funerals for these ladies will be held after the respected families say their goodbys. They only wanted to walk on the wild side, They had a great future ahead of them which was abruptly stopped when they encountered their first BBC. There was no mercy shown this day, as their body went limp and …Read more »

Tap Out Girls: Broken Backs

Someone thought there should be a section where it show cases nothing but bitches who can’t take dick or who end up Tapping out. This compilation shows some mean back shots, and while they may have finished the round….You can be sure they will be feeling sore for a few days. DOWNLOAD THIS CLICK HERE

Tap Out Girls: Asian Destruction

Curiosity killed the pussy for real in this one. These small Asian hunnies had no clue they were just about to enter the dragon. Watch as these black guys rip these small Asian females new holes, cus the one they in is totally destroyed. DOWNLOAD THIS CLICK HERE

Fuck Fest: The Legends 2

These are the Legends who one night started something special. It was this one special night one of my female models had the genius idea to do a shoot in the building laundry room!.  it was around 3am and we figured no one would be up. They did not know what they were about to …Read more »

King Joe’s Amateur Facials RE-LOADED

This is a great compilation worth keeping, Nothing but amateurs taking Jizz to the face. You will be entertained as the reactions of some of these models is just picture perfect. From the baddest bitches to our worst, I show it all in this compilation. I Take you on a journey through time while stopping …Read more »

Cum Dumpsters Compilation

These Girls are what I like to call Super Stars. They don’t mind getting nasty and Finishing the last drop. Even if you don’t like cum in your mouth, LADIES! at least take the JIZZ! These CUM Dumpsters are usually the ones a man Likes To Keep around. DOWNLOAD THIS! “CLICK HERE“

The HOTEL Compilation

This is a Flashback compilation of scenes that were done in HOTELS. We have some true veterans featuring in this one. The full compilation is about an hour and 20 minutes long. A Lot of these scenes were done in hotels because I didn’t have a studio at the time, so we would go pick …Read more »

I Can’t Take It The Painful Compilation

Y’all enjoy this one. Ear splitting, crazy action that will keep you glued to the screen. Some bitches just can’t take dick, while others simply just love the pain. I don’t knw about you, but I enjoy hearing a bitch hit them high notes once in a while. Well All these bitches do is scream …Read more »

World Escorts

World Escorts. Compilation of escorts from around the world. Verified Hoes. I’ll know if y’all want a part 2 by how how y’all rate it. Next Time I’ll leave their contact Information for those of you that enjoy Throwing away your Money. Just Make sure Y’all Throw it This way first Mother Fuckers. DOWNLOAD THIS! …Read more »

The GIF Compilation

Y’all into some weird shit for real, but I have had more then one request for this type of compilation so here it is!. I have no Idea what the hell was GIF So I used my friend Google. The only credit I’ll take is for the selection of the content. I hope you weird …Read more »

King Joes Amateur 3Some Compilation

This has nothing to do with the poll on the front page, this compilation was already done before the poll question went up. This compilation features some of our favorite models. Who didn’t mind getting just a little freaky. From my male models getting drunk to Jasmine doing her first ANAL EVER, You are sure …Read more »

Storm Compilation

SO Much to say about Lady Storm, Everyone knows her to be the First Lady. She is not only a freak who is always down for the cause, But she is also a true ride or die. She first came into my studio at the age of 18 and celebrated her birthday by having a …Read more »

Public Masturbation & Restaurant SHOCKERS

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The Top 25 Celebrity Sex Tape Scandals

The Top 25 Celebrity Sex Tape Scandals. We love seeing our favorite Celebrities get naughty on camera for the world to see, and most have got fame and lots of money for it. But there are some that have been ruined!. Enjoy this X Rated countdown as I take you into the world of celebrity …Read more »

The Unwanted Amateur Facials Part 1

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Scary Orgasms From Hell


User Uploads Coompilation

VirginPOP User Uploads Compilation 1. Continue to upload these great amateur videos!. Full Videos of clips in video will be up soon, some of you need to work on the lighting. REMEMBER People, the video is only as good as the lighting. DOWNLOAD THIS BY CLICKING HERE

Amateur Back shots Compilation

Watch these amateurs bend over and take some mean back shots. DOWNLOAD THIS BY CLICKING HERE